Subscription process

In order to become an investor in any investment fund available in BT Asset Management’s portfolio, you must buy at least 1 fund unit.

How do you do it?

  • BT account

    You make sure you have an account opened with Banca Transilvania.

  • Signing the form

    You present yourself at the headquarters of BT Asset Management in Cluj-Napoca or at any unit of Banca Transilvania in order to sign the subscription form.

  • Investment

    You transfer the amount that you want to invest into the account of the selected investment fund. You can transfer the money via BT24 Internet/Mobile Banking, via the recurring payment service BT Direct Invest or via bank transfer in any agency of Banca Transilvania.

The fund units related to the transferred amounts are allocated during the business day immediately following the transaction, date on which the fund unit value applicable on the transaction date is published.

You may find here the account of each investment fund where the bank transfer should be made.

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Vrei sa te abonezi la stirile BT Asset Management?

  • Aboneaza-te si primesti saptamanal stiri despre fondurile de investitii BT Asset Management.

  • Te poti dezabona oricand doresti, afli aici cum.