First purchase (subscription) of fund units

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In order to become an investor in one of the investment funds managed by BT Asset Management, you must buy initially at least 1 fund unit.

The initial purchase of fund units requires the completion of the subscription form at the headquarters of BT Asset Management, str. Emil Racovita nr. 22, Cluj-Napoca, or at any agency of Banca Transilvania in the country, followed by the transfer of the amount in the chosen fund's currency, that the applicant intends to invest.

The fund units related to the transferred amounts are allocated during the business day immediately following the transaction, date on which the fund unit value applicable on the transaction date is published.

Therefore, the number of fund units acquired is not mentioned on the Subscription form or on the Payment order.

No fee is charged for the subscription to BT Asset Management funds. All the operations related to the subscription to BT Asset Management funds are performed on the bank accounts of the investment account holders opened with Banca Transilvania. No transfer fee is charged by the bank. The subscription orders registered in the distribution network of Banca Transilvania are sent to the investment management company, BT Asset Management SAI, through the IT applications implemented between the two entities. The subscription orders can be registered personally by investors on the internet banking platform provided by Banca Transilvania.

Subsequent purchases


Via the Internet or Mobile Banking

You must be a client of Banca Transilvania and have the BT24 Internet or Mobile Banking service active.
From the menu, select Finances -> Investment funds.
You can find here the list of all investment funds managed by BT Asset Management.

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At any BT agency

In the case of subsequent fund unit subscriptions performed through a bank transfer, including an electronic transfer, the investors who approved also the option of subsequent purchases when initially subscribing to the fund DO NOT need to fill in and sign a new form; they have to mention in the “Explanations” section of the payment order the identification details (the number of the investment account opened with the Fund, the account holder’s/authorized person’s name, the fund name) starting, mandatorily, with the number of the investment account.

If the payment order is not filled in correctly, BT Asset Management will not be liable for any potential delay in the allocation of the fund units. The issue price used for the purpose of the subscription is the one valid on the date when the funds are credited to the Fund’s pool account.

See the list of BT agencies


At any BT agency

This involves the recurring payment service BT Direct Invest. This service can be activated at any BT agency. You can choose to invest in any of the funds managed by BT Asset Management. You may invest on a monthly basis between the 2nd and the 28th day of the month. On the agreed date, payment will be made starting from the following month.

You can choose any amount greater than 50 RON; if you use foreign currency, the amount should be greater than 15 EUR/USD. That’s all. You only have to make sure that the funds are available on your account on the payment date.

See the list of BT agencies

Available funds

Fund name
Account for bank transfers relating to the purchase of fund units
BT Fix
BT Euro Fix
BT Dolar Fix
BT Obligatiuni
BT Euro Obligatiuni
BT Clasic
BT Euro Clasic
BT Index Romania ROTX
BT Index Austria ATX
BT Maxim
BT Agro
BT Energy
BT Real Estate
BT Technology

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