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Via the Internet or Mobile Banking

You must be a client of Banca Transilvania and have the BT24 Internet or Mobile Banking service active.
From the menu, select Finances -> Investment funds.
Here you can find information about the invested amount, the current value of your investment and the number of fund units held The transmission of the redemption order is simple and fast, requiring just a few steps.

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Or at the headquarters of BT Asset Management

The payment is made according to the Issue Prospectus within no more than 10 business days as of receiving the redemption request, but this process is usually completed in 2 business days.

If you request the redemption of your fund units, you must mention only the amount you want, the number of fund units sold being calculated by the asset management company on the business day immediately following the receipt of the redemption request (the fund unit value reflects the assets on the day when the redemption request was submitted). All the operations related to the redemption of fund units are performed on the bank accounts of the investment account holders opened with Banca Transilvania. Redemption orders registered in the distribution network of Banca Transilvania are sent to the investment management company, BT Asset Management SAI, through the IT applications implemented between the two entities. Redemption orders can be registered personally by investors on the internet banking platform provided by Banca Transilvania.

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Taxation of revenues obtained from investment funds

Starting with 01.01.2023, the gains obtained by individual investors from investments in open investment funds will be taxed through withholding tax, as follows:
  • by applying a rate of 1% on each gain from the transfer of securities that were acquired and disposed of in a period longer than 365 days, inclusive, from the date of acquisition;
  • by applying a rate of 3% on each gain from the transfer of securities that were acquired and disposed of in a period less than 365 days from the date of acquisition;

Read more about the due taxes here.

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