What is Direct Invest?

It can be your first step in the investment world. :)

But beyond that, it is an automated saving in any investment fund you choose. Thus, you reach financial independence more quickly while diversifying your income.

What should you invest in?

Dispersion is the best answer. You should invest in what you understand and is of interest to you. We want to be of help, so you can find out how to choose an investment fund here.

When should you invest?

Preferably all the time :), but choose your strategy carefully. You should invest larger amounts when the market drops and smaller constant amounts for the rest of the time, hence regularly.

Why regularly?

  1. It is a simple and time-saving option. Money is transferred automatically to the investment fund that you have chosen.
  2. You have access to your resources anytime, but it is recommended to embrace a disciplined saving approach.
  3. When you invest regularly for longer periods of time, you can make acquisitions at different prices.

How can you activate this service?

You have to go to any agency of Banca Transilvania in order to open an investment account. When you open your account, you also request the standing order activation. After that, everything is just a click away. You can access your resources in BT24/NeoBT, the Internet Banking application of Banca Transilvania.

What do you need to know?

  • You can choose to invest in any of the funds managed by BT Asset Management.
  • You may invest on a monthly basis between the 2nd and the 28th day of the month. On the agreed date, payment will be made starting from the following month.
  • You can choose any amount greater than 50 RON; if you use foreign currency, the amount should be greater than 15 EUR/USD. That’s all.
  • You only have to make sure that the funds are available on your current account on the selected payment date.

See the list of BT agencies

How do you deactivate?

The automated transfer cand be deactivated only at your request, in any BT branch. You have to fill in a modification form.

The deactivation is valid the next day after the modification, at the latest.

You can reactivate this option whenever you want, according to your needs.

See the list of BT Agencies

Vrei sa te abonezi la stirile BT Asset Management?

  • Aboneaza-te si primesti saptamanal stiri despre fondurile de investitii BT Asset Management.

  • Te poti dezabona oricand doresti, afli aici cum.