The fund is , actively managed1, but not actively managed against a benchmark2.  

BT Invest alternative investment fund is an open-ended alternative investment fund, established through a partnership agreement, intended for retail investors. The fund is authorized by the Financial Supervision Authority through authorization no. 206 of 30.09.2021 and is registered in the ASF Public Register with number CSC09FIAIR/120009/30.09.2021, ISIN: ROFIIN000064.

BT Invest alternative investment fund is denominated in Ron.

Its purpose consists in mobilizing the financial resources available from individuals and legal entities through a public offer of fund units and investing these resources in the assets allowed for alternative investment funds, with a diversified investment policy. The fund's investments are made in compliance with the limits imposed by the applicable legal framework.

The objective of the fund is to increase the value of the invested capital in order to obtain a return higher than the inflation rate.

BT Invest alternative investment fund invests in securities and money market instruments registered or traded in a trading venue, in Romania, in a member state or a third party. Investments are mainly made in shares and, depending on market conditions, in fixed income financial instruments.

The fund's investment policy is detailed in its Rules and allows investments in: (i) Romania, (ii) member states and (iii) the following third countries: United States of America, United Kingdom of Great Britain, Switzerland.

The fund does not invest in real estate assets and greenhouse gas emission certificates.

The Fund is prohibited: (i) to carry out short sales; (ii) to invest in financial instruments issued by BT Asset Management SAI S.A.; (iii) to conclude transactions, having as object the assets from its own portfolio, with BT Asset Management SAI S.A.; (iv) to carry out exchanges of financial instruments against cash or other financial instruments from the portfolio and does not use gratuitous transfers of illiquid assets from the portfolio or investment to investors ("redemption in kind"); (v) to grant loans of financial instruments; (vi) to grant cash loans; (vii) to participate/subscribe to syndicated loans; (viii) to guarantee cash loans in favor of a third party; (ix) to directly, partially or fully acquire loan portfolios issued by other financial or non-financial entities, with the exception of investment placements in financial instruments issued by internationally recognized financial institutions, credit institutions or non-banking financial institutions authorized by the National Bank of Romania, or by other central banks from a member state or from third countries.

Active management means choosing financial instruments from an investment universe, using our own selection criteria.

 2 A benchmark index is a relevant stock market index for the investment universe from which financial instruments are selected.


Traded stock
Bank deposits


The Synthetic Risk Indicator (SRI) is not a measure of the risk of losing the invested amount, but is based on statistical calculations regarding potential losses. The ISR indicator is calculated based on the volatility of the fund. It does not fully capture the significant risks of the fund.


At least 2 years

Portfolio structure

Date 2023-05-29
Traded stock
Bank deposits
Available for trading
Other assets, including amounts in transit
Government/Municipal bonds
Corporate bonds


Purchase fee
Redemption fee
5% for holding periods below or equal to 360 days;
for holding periods beyond 360 days.
Fund management fee *
0.2% /month applicable to the average net assets under management

*This fee is considered for the calculation of the fund unit value 

Evolution chart
Fund unit value evolution

4991.99 (the fund unit value is rounded to 3 decimal places)
Fund unit value



Net asset value per unit*
4991.99 RON
Past 30 days
Vs. 31.12.2022
Past 365 days
Net asset value (RON):
No. of investors:
No. of fund units in circulation:

*The value of the fund unit on the current day is published in the second half of the following business day.

Securities’ historical values

Net asset historical values


This is a marketing communication. The data is provided by BT Asset Management SAI.

The past performance of the fund is not a guarantee of future performance. Read the fund documents before investing! The documents are available in Romanian on the website and can be obtained free of charge from the headquarters of BT Asset Management SAI S.A.

A summary of investors' rights is available in Romanian on the website as well as at the headquarters of BT Asset Management SAI.

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