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Fund unit value evolution for BT Index Romania ROTX - 2-Iul-20, 15.141 RON the value of fund unit is displayed with 3 decimals

Past performance of the fund is not a guarantee of future achievements.


BT Index Romania ROTX is an open-end investment fund mostly for listed shares at the Bucharest Stock Exchange, a minimum of 75% asset under management reproducing the ROTX (Romanian Traded Index). This index is a product of the Bucharest Stock Exchange and Vienna Stock Exchange. The ROTX is permanently updated on the official website of the BSE, allowing the permanent follow-up. BT Index Romania ROTX may not invest in shares which are not included in the ROTX, also investing a maximum of 25% of the assets under management in fixed income instruments. Fixed income instruments are used in order to optimize the risk factor belonging to listed shares.

The open-end fund BT Index Romania ROTX is a product that is addressed to our customers with knowledge and experience related to capital market, being a unique product among the Romanian open-end fund industry, based on the ROTX index. If the listed shares have significant growth, the high exposure on the capital market allows excellent performance for BT Index Romania ROTX. It must be remembered that investment in fund units represents an opportunity for earnings as well as an assumed risk. Past gains do not represent a guarantee of future performance.

The funds managed by BT Asset Management are targeted towards both individual customers and companies, Romanian and foreign who do not have sufficient information to make a diversified portfolio that can reduce the risks present in operating on capital markets. The advantages of investing in our funds are the quality services we offer to our clients and our diversified portfolio that reduces the risks present in operating on capital markets and maximizes profits.



The open end investment fund BT Index Romania ROTX is registered under Nr.Reg. (ASF) CSC06FDIR/120034/17.07.2006, authorization (ASF) Nr. 1619/17.07.2006, with the code ISIN ROFDIN000119.

BT Index Romania ROTX is registered at US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with the following Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN): 2UZSA2.00003.SF.642

BT Index Romania ROTX is registered with the LEI code 254900ENR94F2JXFJE77, the entity identification code underlying the global standard (ISO 17442), and identifies uniquely and clearly key information belonging to entities that are involved in financial transactions.

Risk profile

Because of a minimum level of 75% asset under management invested in listed shares, we may consider BT Index Romania ROTX a high risk product, designated for dynamic investors with a wide knowledge of the capital market. The ROTX index will allow a fully transparent investment plan, being easy to use and understand. Listed shares are both risk and means to reach higher revenues.

You can find us also on  having as ticker BTINROM:RO


The unit value of net assets on the date 2-Iul-20
15.141 RON
The value of the fund unit for the current day is published in the second half of the following working day.
  last 30 days 0.139%
Performance Historical unit value compared to 31.12.2019 -8.013%
  last 365 days 1.129%
  year 2019 36.08%
  Net assets value (RON): 86,099,759.03
Unit value evolution Historical net assets Number of investors: 1,665
  Number of fund units: 5,686,450.90

An investment in capital market instruments, including fund units represents an opportunity for earnings, but also a risk. Past gains of the fund do not represent a guarantee of future performance.


BT Index Romania ROTX, being an investment fund with placements in listed shares, has the following structure on 2-Iul-20, has the following structure on:
Current account 0.099
Bank deposits 13.334
Listed shares 85.788
Other assets, including amounts in transfer 0.780
Top 5 shares placements on 31-07-2015 30-06-2020  
1. Fondul Proprietatea SA 18.250%
2. Banca Transilvania SA 16.820%
3. OMV Petrom SA 15.730%
4. S.N.G.N. Romgaz SA 10.540%
5. BRD-Groupe Societe Generale SA 9.210%


Here you can find all the documents describing the open end fund BT Index Romania ROTX as well as the forms necessary for current operations.

BT Index Romania ROTX documents:

Key Investors Information Document Download

Rules of the Open-End Investment BT Index Romania ROTX Download

Prospectus of BT Index Romania ROTX Download

BT Index Romania ROTX forms:

Subscription form Download

Investment form Download

Redemption form Download

How to invest


To become an investor in the open-end fund BT Index Romania ROTX you need to purchase at least one fund unit. The purchase of the fund unit can be made by bank transfer of the amounts wished to be invested. The number of fund units resulted after purchase are assigned during the following working day, when the values of the fund units are also confirmed. Thus, on the investment form is not specified the purchased number of fund units, but the amount invested.

BT Index Romania ROTX has no purchasing fee.

You can become an investor in the following ways:

1Banca Transilvania:

The purchase of fund units can be made from any branch of Banca Transilvania in the country through bank transfer to the account of BT Index Romania ROTX.

1BT Asset Management SAI:

If you desire to purchase investment funds directly from the asset manager, BT Asset Management SAI is reachable in Cluj-Napoca, Emil Racovita Street, no.22, starting with Monday until Friday from 8:30-17:30.


Banca Transilvania customers may use BT24/mobile banking service to purchase fund units after initially applying for the desired fund in any Banca Transilvania branch.

In the case of future purchases of fund units, made by bank transfer, including electronic bank transfer, for investors who have adhered to the fund and have signed for future purchases (via a form available since 18.05.2009), the completion and signing of a Purchase Form is NOT compulsory, investors having the obligation of completing - under the "Explanations" header on the purchase form, their identification data (the investment account number opened with the Fund, name of holder/empowered person, fund name), starting with the investment account number number of investment account. If the payment order forms are not properly completed, BT Asset Management SAI does not take responsibility for any eventual delays in the allocation of fund units.

The price of purchase is the price valid on the date that the money is received in the Fund's account.


Do you wish to redeem your investment? Nothing could be simpler.

The fund units can be redeemed at any branch of Banca Transilvania in the country as well as through bank transfer ordered through BT24/mobile banking. The payment is made according to the Emission Prospectus in term of 10 working days, but usually the process takes about 2 working days. When redeeming, the requested amount must be specified, the exact number of fund units being computed by BT Asset Management on the first working day after the procedure.

If you do not have the time to visit a branch of the bank, you always have the opportunity of completing, signing and stamping the Redemption Form and transmitting a copy of it to us via fax (0264 410433) as well as in its original form, together with a copy of your identification document. The fax number must be the one declared at the adhesion to the fund to be used for further communication.

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