BT Property real estate alternative investment fund, authorized by the Financial Supervision Authority through authorization no. 166 of 11.08.2021 and registered in the ASF Public Registry with number CSC09FIAIP / 120003, is an open-end alternative investment fund, intended for professional investors, included in the category of alternative investment funds specialized in real estate investments.

The fund issues fund units denominated in "Euro".

The fund invests at least 75% of its assets in: real estate assets, or in shares of companies with a real estate profile not admitted to trading in a marketplace, and equity interests of companies with a real estate profile whose financial statements are audited at least with an annual frequency and that reevaluates its assets at least annually, as well as every time transactions are registered with assets from its investment portfolio.

The fund can invest a maximum of 25% of its assets in financial instruments that ensure its liquidity.


Real estate assets

Shares not admitted to trading in a marketplace for companies with a real estate profile.

Equity interests of companies with a real estate profile.

The fund cannot invest more than 50% of its assets in a single real estate asset or in a single company with a real estate profile. Properties that have an interconnected economic destination are considered a single real estate asset; 

The value of bank deposits established at the same credit institution cannot represent more than 20% of the Fund's assets; The value of current accounts and cash held in lei and foreign currency must not exceed 10% of it


At least 5 years

Portfolio structure

Date 2023-05-26
Other assets, including amounts in transit
Bank deposits
Available for trading
Government/Municipal bonds
Corporate bonds
Traded stock


Purchase fee
Redemption fee
0% for holding periods below or equal to 1460 zile
Fund management fee *
0.15% /month applicable to the average net assets under management 

Fund units can be bought:

  • during the initial offering that will take place during: 16.08.2021 - 15.09.2021;
  • after the initial offering, quarterly in the first 10 working days of each quarter.

Fund units can be redeemed quarterly, in the first 10 working days of each quarter as follows:

  • after a period less than or equal to 730 days from the subscription date, investors will be able to redeem a maximum of 10% of the fund units held;
  • after the 730-day period, investors can request the redemption of any number of fund units held.

Fund management commission* 0.15% / month of the average net assets under management.

*This commission is taken into account when calculating the value of the funds assets.

Evolution chart
Fund unit value evolution

10247.63 (the fund unit value is rounded to 3 decimal places)
Fund unit value



Net asset value per unit*
10247.63 EUR
Past 30 days
Vs. 31.12.2022
Past 365 days
Net asset value (EUR):
No. of investors:
No. of fund units in circulation:

*The value of the fund unit on the current day is published in the second half of the following business day.

Securities’ historical values

Net asset historical values


This is a marketing communication. The data is provided by BT Asset Management SAI.

The past performance of the fund is not a guarantee of future performance. Read the fund documents before investing! The documents are available in Romanian on the website and can be obtained free of charge from the headquarters of BT Asset Management SAI S.A.

A summary of investors' rights is available in Romanian on the website as well as at the headquarters of BT Asset Management SAI.

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