Fixed income funds BT Dolar Fix

BT Dolar Fix

open investment fund, fund fixed income instruments denominated in dollar


Fund unit value evolution for BT Dolar Fix - 2-Iul-20, 10.183 USD the value of fund unit is displayed with 3 decimals

Past performance of the fund is not a guarantee of future achievements.


BT Dolar Fix - fixed income fund (predominantly bank deposits)

BT Dolar Fix is an open-end investment fund for fixed income financial instruments. Main investments performed by the fund are represented by deposits made at local banks. Thus the fund is addressed to our more conservative customers, in search for a substitute to classic bank deposits. The objective is to obtain a moderate raise upon the investment and to insure money withdraw without any early redemption fees, regardless of investment size or time frame. Due to low risk approach, BT Dolar Fix is an efficient saving product, for individual investors as well as for legal entities for cash management purpose. The fund has no exposure on equity investments or derivatives.

It must be remembered that investment in fund units represents an opportunity for earnings as well as an assumed risk. Past gains do not represent a guarantee of future performance.

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The open end investment fund BT Dolar Fix is registered under Nr.Reg. (ASF) CSC06FDIR/120110/30.01.2019 authorization (ASF) Nr. 8/30.01.2019, having ISIN ROXKY6864W44. Depositary: BRD - Groupe Societe Generale.

BT Dolar Fix is registered at US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with the following Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN): 2UZSA2.00013.SF.642

BT Dolar Fix is registered with the LEI code 25490062PYB4DC92ZC40, the entity identification code underlying the global standard (ISO 17442), and identifies uniquely and clearly key information belonging to entities that are involved in financial transactions.

Investments may be performed at any Banca Transilvania agency located in Romania. Minimum invested amount: equivalent of 1 fund unit.

BT Dollar Fix is ​​registered with the LEI code: 25490062PYB4DC92ZC40, the entity identification code that underpins the global standard (ISO 17442) and uniquely identifies key information from entities involved in financial transactions. 

The list of distribution network agencies may be found here.

Risk profile

Since BT Dolar Fix may be used regardless of time frame or economic environment, it is extremely important to understand the usefulness of the product and its features. Investing in BT Dolar Fix can be considered as appropriate in high volatility context, when investing in equity is considered to be hazardous. BT Dolar Fix may offer a resonable balance between safety and return.

Flexibility and high level of liquidity are the main features of BT Dolar Fix, being a suitable saving product especially when used on a periodical basis.


The unit value of net assets on the date 2-Iul-20
10.183 USD
The value of the fund unit for the current day is published in the second half of the following working day.
  last 30 days 0.098%
Performance Historical unit value compared to 31.12.2019 0.583%
  last 365 days 1.243%
  year 2019 1.24%
  Net assets value (USD): 16,725,132.68
Unit value evolution Historical net assets Number of investors: 311
  Number of fund units: 1,642,430.62

An investment in capital market instruments, including fund units represents an opportunity for earnings, but also a risk. Past gains of the fund do not represent a guarantee of future performance.


2-Iul-20, has the following structure on:
Current account 3.505
Bank deposits 99.426
Bonds/Municipal bonds 0.197
Corporative bonds 5.976


BT Dolar Fix documents:

  Key Investors Information Document Download

  Rules of the Open-End Investment Fund BT Dolar Fix Download

  Prospectus of BT Dolar Fix Download

 BT Dolar Fix forms:

Subscription form Download

Investment form Download

Redemption form Download


Prospectus of BT Fix Download

How to invest


To become an investor in the open-end fund BT Dolar Fix you need to purchase at least one fund unit. The purchase of the fund unit is made by transfer of the amounts wished to be invested. The number of fund units resulted after purchase are assigned during the following working day, when are also confirmed the values of the fund units. Thus, on the investment form is not specified the purchased number of fund units.

No subscription fees are applicable for investments performed in BT Dolar Fix.

No fees are applicable in case of money transfer from Banca Transilvania bank account.

You can become an investor in the following ways:

Banca Transilvania:

The purchase of fund units can be made from any branch of Banca Transilvania located in Romania by money transfer into the BT Dolar Fix account having IBAN: RO14BTRLUSDINCS000792101


Banca Transilvania customers may use BT24/mobile banking service to purchase fund units after initially applying for the desired fund in any Banca Transivania branch.

In the case of future purchases of fund units, made by bank transfer, including electronic bank transfer, for investors who have adhered to the fund and have signed for future direct purchases, the completion and signing of a Purchase Form is NOT compulsory, investors having the obligation of completing -under the "Explanations" header on the purchase form, their identification data (the investment account number opened with the Fund, name of holder/empowered person, fund name), starting with the investment account number number of investment account. If the payment order forms are not properly completed, BT Asset Management SAI does not take responsibility for any eventual delays in the allocation of fund units.


Do you wish to redeem your investment? Nothing easier!

The fund units can be redeemed at any one of the branches of Banca Transilvania in the country as well as through bank transfer ordered from BT24/Mobile Banking ( exclusive service for Romanian resident BT24 individual customers) . The payment is made according to the Prospectus in term of 10 working days, but usually the process takes 2 working days. When redeeming, the requested amount must be specified, the exact number unit funds is being computed by BT Asset Management on the first working day after the procedure.

If you do not have the time to visit a branch of the bank, you always have the opportunity of completing, signing and stamping the Redemption Form and transmitting a copy of it to us via fax (0264 410433) as well as in its original form, together with a copy of your identification document. The fax number must be the one declared at the adhesion to the fund to be used for further commmunication.


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